Armor Check Penalty

Your character can walk on precarious surfaces. A successful check allows the character to move at half speed along the surface for 1 round. A failure by 4 or less means the character can’t move for 1 round, while a failure by 5 or more means a character falls. The difficulty varies with the surface: 

Surface Balance DC
7 - 12 inches wide 10
2 - 6 inches wide 15
Less than 2 inches wide 20
Uneven floor 10
Lightly Obstructed +2*
Severly Obstructed +5*
Lightly Slippery +2*
Severly Slippery +5*
Sloped or Angled +2*
*Add appropiate modifier to DC; the modifiers stack

Being Attacked While Balancing:A character is considered flat-footed while balancing; she loses her Agility bonus (if any). Characters with 5 or more ranks in Balance are not considered flat-footed while balancing. If a character takes damage while balancing, she must make another Balance check at the same DC to remain standing. Accelerated Movement:A character can try walking across a precarious surface more quickly than normal. He can move his full speed as a move action, but with a –5 penalty on the Balance check. A character moving twice his speed in a round must make two Balance checks, one for each move action. 

Action:None. A Balance check is made as part of another action or as a reaction to a situation. 

Synergy: Characters with 5 or more ranks in Tumble gain a +2 bonus on Balance checks.