A Bluff check is opposed by the target’s Sense Motive check. Favorable and unfavorable circumstances significantly affect a bluff’s outcome. Two circumstances can weigh against a bluffing  character: the bluff is hard to believe; or the action that target is to take goes against its self-interest, nature, personality or orders. The GM distinguishes between a bluff that fails because the target disbelieves it and one that fails because it asks too much of the target.

A successful Bluff check indicates that the target reacts as desired (usually for only 1 round or less) or believes something the bluffing character wants it to believe. A bluff requires interaction between the character and the target; creatures unaware of the character cannot be bluffed. 

Feinting in Combat:A character can also use Bluff to mislead an opponent in melee combat so that she can’t dodge attacks effectively. The target can add her base attack bonus and other applicable modifiers to her Sense Motive check. If the Bluff succeeds, the target is denied her Agility bonus to AC (if any) for the character’s next melee attack against it. The attack must be made on or before the bluffing character’s next turn. Feinting against a nonhumanoid is difficult because reading a strange creature’s body language is harder: Characters suffer a –4 penalty in such cases. The penalty is –8 against creatures of animal Intellect (1 or 2), while feinting against nonintelligent creatures is impossible. 

Creating a Diversion to Hide:Characters can use Bluff to help them hide. A successful check provides the momentary diversion needed to make a Stealth check while others are aware of the character.  

Action:Varies. A Bluff check made as part of a general interaction is at least a full-round action, but it can take longer if a character tries something elaborate. Feinting in combat or creating a diversion is standard action. 

Try Again:Varies. Generally, a failed Bluff check makes the target too suspicious for another attempt in the same circumstances. Characters can retry freely for feinting in combat. 

Synergy:Characters with 5 or more ranks in Bluff receive a +2 bonus on Diplomacy, Intimidate and Sleight of Hand checks, as well as Disguise checks made when characters know they’re being observed and try to act in character.