Core RacesEdit

The core races are the very first races that got introduced to World of Warcraft RPG, and it is recommended one choose from this list if one is new to the game. The current aviable races are:

  • Dwarf,Ironforge
  • Elf,High
  • Elf,Night
  • Gnome
  • Goblin
  • Human
  • Orc
  • Tauren
  • Troll, Jungle
  • Undead, Forsaken

Additional RacesEdit

For the more experienced players, you can start advancing and starting having a look at the other races that are presented with in World of Warcraft RPG

Alliance Races: 
Dwarf, Wildhammer
Horde Races:
Troll, Forest
Other Races
Blue Wyrmkin
Magnataur *
*= See Monsters As Races
Monsters As Races

Monsters As Races Some monsters, like blue wyrmkin and murlocs, are similar enough to existing PC races that they translate easily, with a few racial levels to help. Others, like magnataur and nerubians, are quite different and do not translate as easily. These monsters require racial Hit Dice and level adjustments to be suitable as PC races.

Starting Level of a Monster PC:Monsters suitable for play have a level adjustment given in their statistics. Add a monster’s level adjustment to its Hit Dice and class levels to get the creature’s  effective  character  level,  or  ECL.  Effectively,  a  monster  with  a  level  adjustment becomes a multiclass character when it takes class levels.A creature’s “monster class” is always a favored class, and the creature never takes experience point penalties for having it.

Racial Hit Dice:Characters with more than 1 Hit Die because of their race do not get a feat for their first class level (as members of the common races do), and they do not multiply the skill points for their first class level by 4. Instead, they have already received a feat for their first Hit Die because of race, and they have already multiplied their racial skill points for their first Hit Die by 4. Creatures with 2 or more Hit Dice have statistics based on these Hit Dice plus Hit Dice for class levels (if any).

Level Adjustment and Effective Character Level:To determine the effective character level (ECL) of a monster character, add its level adjustment to its racial Hit Dice and character class levels. (Thus, a starting magnataur PC is a 17th-level character.) Use  ECL  instead  of  character  level to  determine  how  many  experience points a monster character needs to reach its next level. Also use ECL to determine starting wealth for a monster character. If  a  monster  has  2  or  more  Hit  Dice,  it  can  start  with  no  class  levels (though it can gain them later).

Hit Dice: The creature’s Hit Dice equal the number of class levels it has plus its racial Hit Dice. 

Feat Acquisition and Ability Score Increases:A monster’s total Hit Dice, not its ECL, govern its acquisition of feats and ability score increases. Other  Statistics  for  Monsters: Creatures  with  Hit  Dice  of  1  or  less have normal, class-based Hit Dice and features. They get skills and feats appropriate to a 1st-level character (even if they have a level adjustment).

Experience for Monsters: A monster with more than 1 Hit Die, a level adjustment, and class levels adds its Hit Dice, class levels, and level adjustment together when determining experience needed (HD + level adjustment + class level).

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