A character class is not the definition of what your character is; not every arcanist is the same, and not all warriors rely on the same weapons and combat tactics. It is up to you to shape your character through the trials and tribulations he or she faces in the world of Warcraft. Your choice of race, skills, feats, powers and abilities all combineto create a unique and individual character for you to play. When you include the myriad spells, items and other equipment available, there is no end of variety in the world of Warcraft for you to explore.

Core Classes: Edit

The following are the character classes offered in the Warcraft RPG.

Arcanist:Masters of arcane magic, the arcanists tread very dangerous paths. Although the power they wield is potent, within it lies the potential to uncover a path to corruption and dread. Necromancers and warlocks tempt dark powers, while mages toy with the very forces of the elements.

Barbarian:Wild warriors of the steppes and wastes, these are the brutal berserkers and axe wielders of the orcs and the frightening, tattooed warriors of feral dwarven clans and human outcasts. 

Healer:Exemplars of the ways of redemption and faith, healers are those who can mend the wounded and protect the world from the ravages of war and hatred. Druids, priests and shamans all follow different philosophical and spiritual paths, but in the end they are all healers seeking to better the world or further the cause of their faith. 

Paladin: These warriors uphold the tenets of the Holy Light and defend the Alliance from the predations of the Horde. Found in almost every corner of Azeroth fighting the forces of evil and barbarism, these stalwart warriors of faith ceaselessly uphold their vigil against demonic forces from beyond the Dark Portal. 

Rogue:Deadly masters of stealth, rogues are the whispers in shadowy corners and the hooded figures crossing dark fields. Skilled with daggers and the art of silent death, these vagabonds and bandits skulk about Azeroth seeking targets and profit. 

Scout:Skilled in the ways of the wild, the scout can track prey and find lost trails. At home in Azeroth’s woods, scouts can be found working for both the Alliance and the Horde — and sometimes for the highest bidder. 

Tinker:Gadgets, clockwork and gears — among other things — are what drive a tinker to innovate and create. These inventive dabblers in the technological arts create wonders useful to all adventurers seeking to make their way in the world. 

Warrior:Masters of swords, spears and weapons of all kinds, warriors share a common way of life on Azeroth. Using their abilities to deal pain and cause bloodshed, warriors are deadly adversaries and welcome friends in violent time (which seem to be all the time in recent decades). 

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