Others desire to follow you, and you may attempt to recruit cohorts and followers.

Prerequisite: Character level 6th.

Benefits: This feat enables you to attract loyal companions and devoted followers, subordinates who assist you. Cohorts are more powerful than followers, and you may only ever have one cohort. See the following tables to determine what sort of cohort and how many followers you can recruit. 

Leadership Modifiers: Several factors can affect your Leadership score, causing it to vary from the base score (character level + Cha modifier). Your reputation (from the point of view of the cohort or follower you are trying to attract and determined by the GM) raises or lowers your Leadership score: 

Leader's Reputation Modifier
Great Renown +2
Fairness and generosity +1
Special Power +1
Failure -1
Aloofness -1
Cruelty -2

Other modifiers may apply when you try to attract a cohort: 

The Leader... Modifier
Has a familiar, Special mount, or animal companion -2
Recruits cohorts of a different alignment -1
Caused the death of a cohort -2*
* Cumulative per cohort killed.

Followers have different priorities from cohorts. When you try to attract a new follower, use any of the following modifiers that apply. 

The Leader... Modifier
Has a stronghold,base of operations, guildhouse, or the like +2
Moves around alot -1

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