Additional Class Skills:Bluff (Cha), and either Disguise (Cha) or Forgery (Int).

Arcana:Necromancers gain the following arcana abilities: 

•1st Level—Death Touch (Su): By wielding the forcesof undeath, the necromancer draws vitality from the living. Death touch is a death effect. The necromancer must succeed on a melee touch attack against a living creature (using the rules for touch spells). When he touches, roll 1d6 per necromancer level he possesses. If the total at least equals the creature’s current hit points, it dies (no save). The necromancer can use this ability once per day at 1st level, twice per day at 9th level, and three times per day at 18th level . 

•4th Level—Death Resistance (Ex):The necromancer becomes immune to all death spells and magical death effects. This immunity does not protect the necromancer from other sorts of attacks such as hit point loss, poison, petrification or other effects even if they might be lethal. 

•8th Level—Animate Dead (Su):The necromancer may animate undead creatures using the vile magic at his disposal. This ability functions like the spell of the same name, but with the following exceptions. The necromancer may use this ability a number of times per day equal to his necromancer levels divided by 2 (1/day at 1st level). The limit of undead the necromancer can control is equal to 2 Hit Dice per level. The amount of undead controlled by this ability counts toward the number that can be controlled with the animate dead spell as normally cast by the necromancer. 

•12th Level—Dark Arts (Ex):Necromancers are skilled in wielding magic that causes pain, suffering and death. Mastering the dark arts allows the necromancer to cast spells from the necromancy school at +1 caster level, and the save DC for such spells increases by +2. 

•16th Level—Create Undead (Su):The necromancer’s knowledge of undeath reaches such unsurpassed depths that he can create powerful undead. He can use this ability like create undeadtwice per day or like create greater undeadonce per day. The ability is cast at the necromancer’s path level. 

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