This section describes each skill, including common uses and typical modifiers and DCs.

Appraise Edit

Your character can evaluate the worth of items and objects.

Balance Edit

Your character can walk on precarious surfaces.

Bluff Edit

Bluff allows a character to convince another of something that is not true.

Climb Edit

With a successful Climb check, a character can advance up, down or across a slope, a wall or some other steep incline at one-quarter his normal speed.

Concentration Edit

Characters make Concentration checks whenever they might be distracted (by taking damage, by harsh weather, and so on) while engaged in actions that require their full attention.

Craft Edit

Craft actually refers to several separate skills. Characters can have a variety of Craft skills, each purchased separately.

Decipher Script Edit

Diplomacy Edit

Disable Device Edit

Disguise Edit

Escape Artist Edit

Forgery Edit

Gather Information Edit

Handle Animal Edit

Heal Edit

Intimidate Edit

Jump Edit

Knowledge Edit

Listen Edit

Open Lock Edit

Perform Edit

Profession Edit

Ride Edit

Search Edit

Sense Motive Edit

Sleight of Hand Edit

Speak Language Edit

Spellcraft Edit

Spot Edit

Stealth Edit

Survival Edit

Swim Edit

Tumble Edit

Use Magic Device Edit

Use Rope Edit

Use Technological Device Edit

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