Characters receive skill points based upon their races and their class levels. Skill points are used to buy ranks in skills, which thus improve as characters gain levels.Depending on your character’s race and class, some skills are considered class skillsand others cross-class skills. Buying a class skill costs 1 skill point per rank, while buying a cross-class skill costs 2 skill points per rank. The maximum rank in a class skill is your character’s level + 3; the maximum rank in a cross-class skill is half that number. Whether or not a skill is purchased as a class or cross-class skill, if it is a class skill for any of your classes, its maximum rank is your character level + 3. You can’t save skill points to spend later. At 1st level during initial character creation, your character receives four times as many skill points as at any other level. These extra skill points reflect  the character’s training and experience up to that time in the character’s life. After 1st level, characters receive skill points as indicated by their race and class.

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