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You’ve clicked those units and completed those quests online. Now is your chance to make Azeroth and  the  stories  of  its  heroes  and  epic  battles truly  come  alive.  With World  of  Warcraft:  The Roleplaying Game(or just WoW RPG), you can explore the world of Warcraftat your tabletop, in sagas of your own making. The WoW RPGis a tabletop roleplaying game,also  called  a  pen-and-paper  roleplaying  game. Imagine  you  and  a  bunch  of  your  friends,  sitting around  a  table,  eating  pizza,  drinking  sodas,  and inventing stories set in the Warcraftworld. That’s what the WoW RPG is all about. Each player creates a character that represents his alter ego on Azeroth, much like in the World of Warcraftcomputer game, except for one player: the Game Master. The Game Master  (or  GM)  controls  everything  except  the other players’ characters. need to create epic characters and forge your own legends  in  the Warcraft world.  The  other  books provide additional options: more character types to play, more loot to discover, more foes to overcome,and more lands to explore. Azeroth will never be the same! 

Players and GMs Edit

Two types of players exist in WoW RPG: players and  Game  Masters.  A  player  controls  a  hero,  his alter  ego  in  the  game  world.  This  hero  can  be anything  the  player  envisions,  from  a  potion brewing troll witch doctor to a goblin in a giant suit of steam armor. The player roleplays his hero and decides his actions. 

The Game Master has a much larger job. The players control the heroes (also called player characters, or PCs); the GM controls everything else. He controls the heroes’ opponents, the townsfolk, and all the other people with whom the heroes interact (called nonplayer characters, or NPCs). He also controls the world, including the weather, the seasons, and the adventures that are available. He is the driving force behind the game. 

Dice Edit

The WoW  RPG uses  a  variety  of  funnysided dice, available in any hobby game store. A “d20” is a twenty- sided die. Similarly, a d4 is a four- sided die, a d6 is a six- sided die, and so on. “2d4” means roll two d4s and add the results together.  “2d6+5”  means  roll  two  six- sided dice,  add  the  results  together,  and  then  add 5. 

Creating a Character Edit

Character creation is a vital element to any roleplaying experience. Building a hero from scratch makes it a much more personal experience for the player than simply choosing a pre-made character. It requires thorough planning on the part of the player and input from the GM, not to mention the rest of the party. Your character will fill a vital role in a team, and it is important to make your character unique and to avoid redundancy. Unlike in the original Warcraft RPG, PCs in World of Warcraft the Roleplaying Gamestart at 1st level, better representing the wet-behind-the-ears adventurer. Although their adventuring experience is minuscule compared to the likes of Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall, they still have some experience in the world; the everyday farmer and merchant are considered 0-level nonplayer characters (NPCs).

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and more.


Skills represent areas of specific expertise that characters develop through training and practice. With each level,  a character receives a number of skill points depending on her class, which she uses to “buy” ranks in skills. This chapter explains how skills are acquired, the abilities that modify skills, the circumstances in which characters can use skills, and how to put all these rules into practice in your game. It also describes the many skills available to characters in the World of Warcraft RPG.

Skill PointsEdit

Using SkillsEdit

Untrained Skill Checks
Favorable and Unfavorable Conditions
Time and Skill Checks
Practically Impossible Tasks
Extraordinary Successes
Checks Without Rolls
Combining Skill Check
Ability Checks

Skill DescriptionEdit


Feats are special characteristics, talents or abilities that all characters possess. They allow heroes to do things they ordinarily could not do, or improve on abilities they already possess. Feats represent the extra training and knowledge that heroes acquire before they begin their careers, and their continued improvement as they gain experience. Every character begins with one or more feats, and gains an additional feat at his third character level and every three character levels thereafter. Many classes grant bonus feats to their members. Unlike skills, you do not buy feats with points. Each time your character gain a feat, you simply choose one for which your character meets the prerequisites. The choice cannot be changed thereafter.

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